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MEDICHEM has over 30 years of experience as a developer, manufacturer and distributor of in-vitro diagnostics.

Reference materials for the toxicological, forensic and clinical chemistry

MEDICHEM offers high-quality calibrators and controls in various matrices (serum, whole blood, urine, water, hair) to verify accuracy and precision for internal quality assurance of chemical-toxicological analyses. Ensures that your routine analysis requirements are met with a comprehensive spectrum of analytes in standard concentrations.

Novel segmented hair reference materials set a new quality standard for hair analysis. MEDICHEM is the first manufacturer worldwide to achieve reliable, non-destructive homogenization of hair fibers via a unique process that produces exact hair fiber segment lengths of 1mm. This allows for greater precision in monitoring of routine hair analysis than is possible with pulverized samples.


Initially, the development and manufacture of clinical-chemistry reagents was the predominant focus of the company. Today, product range includes reagents for the determination of a diverse array of parameters, e.g., α-amylase, alkaline phosphatase, blood alcohol, total bilirubin DPD, cholesterol, CHOD/PAP, CHE, creatinine PAP, CK, iron, total protein, glucose, GOT (ASAT), GPT (ALAT), GGT, uric acid PAP, urea, copperPAESA, lipase PAP, microproteins, acid phosphatase, triglycerides GOD/PAP, D-xylose and others.

Reference materials

In 1989, MEDICHEM began working closely with forensic institutes and medical laboratories to develop reference materials for quality control of toxicological and forensic analyses.

Soon after, MEDICHEM was commissioned with the manufacture of control samples for ring tests. These samples were used both domestically and internationally as external quality controls by reference institutions, beginning with the DGKL (German Society for Clinical Laboratory Medicine, formerly DGKC), the CSCQ (Centre Suisse de Contrôle de Qualité) and the SFTA (Société Française de Toxicologie Analytique), among others

In 1995, MEDICHEM introduced the protected trademarks Medidrug® and Medisafe® to designate its reference materials. In clinical-chemical laboratories, as well as in toxicology and forensic medicine institutes, the Medidrug® and Medisafe® brands have become the standard for independent reference materials, the use of which guarantees quality control of analytical methods that is independent of reagents or instruments from specific manufacturers.

MEDICHEM quality controls are manufactured in close cooperation with our clients in toxicological and forensic medical institutes in Germany and abroad and internationally, as well as in accordance with the guidelines of professional associations such as the GTFCh (Society for Toxicological and Forensic Chemistry), the SFTA (Société Française de Toxicologie Analytique), the SoHT (Society of Hair Testing), the EWDTS (European Workplace Drug Testing Society) or the German Medical Association.

Hair reference materials

The number of analytical methods and tested substances is constantly increasing. However, quality control materials with verified target values and reliable sample homogeneity are usually not available on the market in practical concentration ranges for most applications.

Therefore, MEDICHEM has begun to develop new manufacturing methods for hair reference materials. The main focus lies on preserving hair structure by avoiding grinding processes.

Our segmented hair reference materials with extremely uniform segment lengths of 1mm have been available since 2012, at first as authentic and spiked controls for alcohol consumption markers, later on as spiked hair controls for 47 narcotics and drugs.

Hair controls are available in various significant concentration ranges in accordance with the recommended cut-offs of professional associations such as the GTFCh (Society of Toxicological and Forensic Chemistry), the SoHT (Society of Hair Testing), the EWDTS (European Workplace Drug Testing Society) or other associations.