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AFFINISEP is expert in making consumables for sample preparation and extraction techniques. AFFINISEP saves your time by simplifying your workflows with smart application-specific kits, ready to use pre-developed methods, and the highest level of scientific support for your selective extraction needs. AFFINISEP R&D team is fully committed to developing high quality products that help you to get accurate information as quickly as possible;

Sampling and sample preparation are the key steps in trace analysis for analytical chemist. As specialist in this field, AFFINISEP supplies a complete range of solutions based on Solid Phase Extraction (SPE), passive sampling and filtration processes for automated, high-throughput or manual sample preparation.


●       Solid Phase Extraction 

●       SPE Disks

●       Spin SPE

●       SPE Tips

●       Passive samplers (POCIS, SPATT)

●       96 well Plates SPE

●       Filtration columns

●       Dispersive SPE, Quechers

●       SLE

●       SPE Manifolds and Accessories


A multitude of chemical phases and formats are available for various applications. We offer a comprehensive range of SPE to give you all elements to face the increasingly complex and diverse sample preparation challenges by:

Simplify data analysis by removing interferences

Increase sensitivity and reliability by enrichment of the analyte

Obtain high and reproducible recovery yields from complex samples



Solid phase extraction (SPE)

AFFINIMIP®SPE, AttractSPE® and SilactSPE™ are a powerful techniques to provide a rapid and selective sample clean-up, a high recovery and the concentration necessary for accurate quantitative analysis. Usually available as a SPE cartridge format with flange or without flange (Flangeless for some automate applications)

SPE Disks

AttractSPE®Disks are Solid Phase Extraction Disks for the extraction of a broad range of contaminants. AttractSPE®Disks are thin and uniform SPE disks for retention of targeted analytes without any breakthrough. Attract SPE®Disks have been diversified in two very different fields requiring their own specifications: Environment and Biomolecular analysis.

Passive sampling for microcontaminants or biotoxins

Passive sampling enables the monitoring of contaminants in water for a short to long period (with an average field deployment of one month) for which no power, maintenance and supervision is required. An average of the concentration of collected contaminants (pesticides, drugs residues, biotoxins, PAHs, Glyphosate & AMPA…) is measured in the laboratory. AFFINISEP provides a wide range of solutions for passive sampling for POCIS, SPATT, Chemcatcher for the sampling of contaminants such as pesticides, drugs or biotoxins in water.

Filtration with Membranes or with frits

AttractFiltra is a filtration cartridge or 96-well plate based on the use of membrane for sample particles filtration using vaccuum manifold, gravity or SPE automates. A broad range of membranes is available and can enable a broad range of sample filtration. Double fritted cartridges are also available for protein precipitation.

Dispersive SPE – Quechers

Qcleanupdispersive SPE products are a mixture of Magnesium Sulfate, PSA, Black carbon or C18 used by QuEChERS method for the clean-up of fruits and vegetables during multiresidues pesticides analyses.

Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE)

AttractSPE®SLE is Supported Liquid Extraction (a.k.a SLE) , an alternative to LLE to pass from an aqueous media to an organic media without emulsion formation. SLE is used to transfer hydrophobic molecules from water to an organic solvent. In addition, this process can be used for the removal of proteins or lipids.


For proteomics or genomics analysis, sample size is often a few microliters. However, sample preparation is required and sample preparation tools must work for such small sample size. Some sample preparation tools are presented below. They are based on the use of AttractSPE®Disks as sorbent. Thanks to these densely packed beads embedded in the disk, the volume of elution is reduced in comparison to classical packed powder.

AttractSPE® Tips – Stagetips

µSPE column designed by immobilizing a uniform disk inside a pipette tips  (Stage-tips).

AttractSPE® Spin SPE

SPE column designed by immobilizing a uniform disk inside a microcentrifuge  SPE tube.

AttractSPE® Disks 96 well-plate SPE

96 SPE well plate designed by immobilizing a uniform disk.

AttractSPE® Disks SPE cartridges

SPE cartridges designed by immobilizing a uniform disk


Filtration with Membranes or with Frits




Solid phase extraction (SPE)


Supported Liquid Extraction (SLE)