Your Newest Supplier in the Analytical Chemistry Market...

Chiron is one of the world's leading manufacturers of advanced chemical products for use in research and analysis, providing scientists around the world with sophisticated solutions for demanding chemical analysis.

Chiron has been supplying reference materials, pure chemicals and reagents for toxicological, environmental, food safety and petroleum analysis since 1983.

Chiron's areas of expertise include the synthesis, isolation and purification of analytical reference materials.

Chiron's portfolio includes natural compounds, internal control standards (deuterated, 13C, fluorinated), metabolites and proprietary blends.

The products can be offered both in pure form and as calibrated solutions.

Chiron offers more than 15,000 unique products produced in microgram to kilogram quantities and with a dedicated synthesis service.

Years of investment, employee enthusiasm and pioneering team spirit, and close collaboration with academic institutions and users around the world have put Chiron at the forefront of analytical chemistry.